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The American Soldier Surveys

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During WWII, the Army conducted hundreds of surveys of American troops, covering topics relating to soldiers' attitudes toward the war, morale, and education. The collective survey results affected ...

Central Eurasian Information Resource Interactive Atlas: At the University of Washington

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The Central Eurasian Interactive Atlas provides access to geographic data with more than 700 attributes on demography, social infrastructure, economics and elections for 2,463 administrative units of ...

Cornell Death Penalty Project

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The Cornell Death Penalty Project takes no official position on the wisdom or desirability of the death penalty. In particular, the empirical arm of the Project is dedicated to neutral examination of ...

Counting California

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A new initiative committed to enhancing California citizens' access to the growing range of social science and economic data produced by government agencies. In a departure from more static formats, ...

Economic Growth Center Digital Library

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This project, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, will digitize and make accessible to the global research community a selection of Mexican state statistical abstracts from the Yale University ...

Historical Census Browser

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"The data presented here describe the population and economy of U.S. states and counties from 1790 to 1960 ... No information is available below the county level and only states are included (no ...

National Council on Social Welfare Proceedings (1874 – 1982)

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These proceedings were issued under earlier names of the Conference as follows: 1874, Conference of Boards of Public Charities; 1875-1879, Conference of Charities; 1880-1881, Conference of Charities ...

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