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Armchair Travel in India c1900: The Stereoscopic Experience

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Not everyone was able to travel to India a century ago. Many people who did visit India published travel accounts in which they shared their accounts and impressions. Technological advances allowed ...

Digital Dictionaries of South Asia

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A project led by the the University of Chicago's Southern Asia Department and Chicago's South Asia Language and Area Center to make available at least one bi-lingual dictionary for each of the ...

The Digital South Asia Library

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A pilot project to improve access through development of the infrastructure for inter-continental electronic document delivery to and from selected South Asia libraries and creation of new electronic ...

South Asia at Chicago: Fifty Years of Scholarship

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Online exhibition based on materials drawn from the South Asia collections at the University of Chicago Library and including sections on the following themes: the institutional history of South Asian ...

The United States and its Territories, 1870-1925: the Age of Imperialism

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Texts and photographs drawn from the University of Michigan Library's Southeast Asia collection, comprises the full text of monographs and government documents published in the United States, Spain, ...

Viewing Suriname: A Collaborative Collection

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A growing collection of maps and images and other media resources related to the natural and cultural landscapes of Suriname.

World War II Poster Collection

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The Government and Geographic Information and Data Services Department at Northwestern University Library has a comprehensive collection of over 300 posters issued by U.S. Federal agencies from the ...

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