Grainger Engineering Library - Frequently Asked Questions


Who may use the Grainger Engineering Library?
The Grainger Engineering Library is primarily designed and operated to serve the engineering faculty, staff, and students of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. However, all faculty, staff, and students of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are welcome to use the Grainger Engineering Library. Non-University affiliated community members are also welcome to use the library during the day between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. when the library is open.
Where is the Grainger Engineering Library?
Grainger is located at 1301 W. Springfield, at the north end of the Engineering quad. A map is available.
When is the Grainger Engineering Library open?
Current hours are available by following this link.
Who may use the library at night?
Only UIUC campus students, staff, and faculty are permitted access to the library from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Library users will be required to present a valid i-Card for entry. More information about this decision is available here.
How can I contact Grainger Engineering Library faculty and staff?
General questions as well as reference questions can be sent to The Grainger Library Staff webpage has contact information for the library faculty and staff members at Grainger.
Is parking available?
The University Library does not provide or guarantee parking for patron use. Campus, City of Urbana, and City of Champaign parking is available within the a short distance of Grainger Library. Click on the following links for more information:

Campus Parking
City of Urbana Parking
City of Champaign Parking

The University Library is not responsible for any damage, fines or lost property while patrons visit Grainger Library.
Is food allowed in the Grainger Engineering Library?
The introduction of food and drink to Library facilities may pose a threat to Library collections. Food is prohibited from Library facilities, except in the café north of the Circulation Desk and near the vending machines on the lower level. Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed in Library facilities in spill-proof, covered, plastic or metal containers.
Are there vending machines at Grainger Engineering Library?
Yes, the lower level in Grainger Library has been designated as a food-allowed area and has several vending machines.
Can I get change at Grainger Engineering Library?
Yes, there is a change machine in the vending machine area on the lower level.
What if I lost something at Grainger Engineering Library?
Please make "Lost and Found" item inquiries at the Circulation Desk on the First Floor.

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I’ve been billed for a lost book. How can I find out which one it was?
You can use the online catalog to view your personal information. Go the the online catalog, select My Library Account and create or login to your library account. Click on the fines button on the right side of the page to view your fines. Please note that the total fines you owe may differ from what is displayed. If the library has already reported your fines to the Campus Accounting Division, those fines will no longer be displayed, but you are still responsible for paying them.

For more complete information about your fines, contact Sheila McGowan by or call her at 217-244-8316.

If you have been billed for lost materials by an off-campus library within the I-Share Library Consortium you will have to contact that school directly to settle the fine or call the Library Billing Office at 217-333-8288.
Who handles billing questions?
If you have been billed for an overdue or lost item by the Grainger Engineering Library and wish to speak with a member of the Grainger staff, please contact Sheila McGowan at:
Address: 139 Grainger Engineering Library
Please make an effort to locate any materials for which you have been fined to help us rectify the matter.

Note: If you have been billed for a lost book, you must come see Sheila McGowan in person with the book, if you have it. Do NOT return the book before seeing Sheila.
How much are the fines for overdue materials?
For information on fines for overdue materials, please visit the Library Billing policy webpage.

Please remember that laptop locks are considered reserve materials and will be treated as such when accessing fines for returning these items late.
Can I buy a replacement copy for a Library book I lost?
Yes, please purchase a copy in excellent condition and bring the book to Sheila McGowan at the Grainger Library. Often, fines may be waived or reduced if a replacement copy of a lost item is offered to the library

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Are building tours available at Grainger Engineering Library?
Yes, to schedule group or individual tours, contact Grainger staff at Appointments must be made a minimum of 48 hours (Monday-Friday) in advance but we prefer at least a week or more so that we have ample time to prepare and make the visit worthwhile.
Is there a map directory of Grainger Engineering Library?
Yes, the Grainger Library Floor Plans webpage shows a detailed listing of the building.

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Who can check out books?
All UIUC faculty, staff and students can check out books at Grainger Library by presenting an I-card to the circulation staff. All others must present a courtesy card, or I-Share school ID card.
What is a borrower (or patron) ID?
The borrower or patron ID is the number located on the bottom right corner of your I-card. The UIUC library system requires that all patrons have an ID number registered with the University and the library in order to reserve and check out materials. A patron ID also allows the library to track materials currently held by each patron and assists in billing. For more information about your ID and PIN, go to the University of Illinois I-card website
What materials circulate and for how long?
In order to check out Grainger Library materials, all faculty, staff, and students must present a UIUC I-card to the circulation staff. All others must present a courtesy card, or I-Share school ID card. Loan periods vary according to the material:

• Books: 4-16 weeks (depending on patron status)-Up to 10 renewals. Must be returned when recalled or renewal limit has been reached
• Book Reserves: 2 Hours (building use only). Only 1 renewal if no one else is waiting to borrow item, otherwise no renewals
• Computer Peripherals: 2 Hours (building use only). Only 1 renewal if no one else is waiting to borrow item, otherwise no renewals
• Laptop Locks: 5 hours (building use only)
• Microfiche: 4 weeks
• Standards: 2 weeks
• CD-ROMS that accompany books: same loan period as the book (local circulation only)
• Journals: 2 weeks; Individual unbound journal issues do not circulate at this time. Please see circulation desk for assistance.
What does it mean when I receive an email saying that a book I requested is ready to be picked up at Grainger?
If you receive an email indicating items you have requested are ready to be picked up at Grainger, this means books and other materials you requested to be picked up at Grainger are ready for you to check out. To obtain these items, simply visit the Grainger Library, come to the Circulation Desk located on the west end of the first floor and present your I-card. A Library staff person will check our hold shelves and charge the items you requested to your account.
What type of library materials can be returned at Grainger Engineering Library?
Books from any UIUC or I-Share library may be returned at Grainger Library. However, items obtained through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) must be returned to Main Circulation as indicated on the streamer attached to the book. Also, patrons cannot return multimedia materials borrowed from the Undergraduate Library at Grainger; they must be returned directly to the Undergraduate Library.
Where can I return materials at Grainger Engineering Library?
There are two book drops below the counter at the Circulation Desk and one book drop at the North Circulation Desk. Also, there is a exterior book drop at the southeast corner of the building.
How can I renew library materials I have checked out?
For materials borrowed from the UIUC, patrons can bring those items into Grainger Library to have them renewed at our Circulation Desk. For off-campus items obtained through I-Share, patrons must renew them online by clicking on "My Library Account" in the online catalog webpage. You will then be prompted to login or create an account.

You can view the items you have checked out by clicking the "Checked Out Items" button on the right side of the page. Here you can select which items you wish to renew. Once you have selected which items you wish to renew, click on the "Renew Selected Items" button found towards the bottom of the page. You will notice you can also renew most library materials from the University of Illinois this way.

Please note off-campus libraries have different circulation loan period and renewal policies then UIUC and may not allow you to renew an item. If the library does not let you renew the item, you must return it by the due date or risk being charged late fees or lost item fees.

Some items obtained through Interlibrary Loan cannot be renewed. These items can be identified by a streamer attached tot the cover stating that the item cannot be renewed for any reason and must be returned to Main Circualtion (Main Stacks) by the due date.

Materials may also be renewed by calling the Library Telephone Center at 217-333-8400.
How do I change my address in the library’s computer system?
To change your address in the library’s computer system, you must update your address information with Office of the Registrar.
Where can I get help using the online catalog?
Visit (Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm) or call the Grainger Library Reference Desk (217-244-7826); reference staff are happy to help patrons use the online catalog. To help patrons teach themselves, the Library offers a help page.
In addition, the Library teaches workshops to help patrons become proficient in using the online catalog.
Can I find out who has checked out a book?
No. According to the Illinois Library Records Confidentiality Act, P.A. 83-179, effective January 1, 1984:
"The registration and circulation records of a library are confidential information. Except pursuant to a court order, no person shall publish or make any information contained in such records available to the public."
What does it mean when the message "The library has no holdings of this title. See your librarian for assistance" appears in the status line of an item?
For information on how to obtain these items, stop by Grainger Library, or email Grainger reference staff at
What does it mean when the message “Temporarily Shelved at Engineering Reserves” appears in the location line of an item I looked up in the online catalog?
The item has been placed on reserve at Grainger Library and is now building use only and subject to our reserve loan periods and terms of use. Reserves can be found behind the Circulation Desk by call number and can be charged out for a short period with your I-card.
Can I have books sent to my campus address?
Yes. As long as your campus office address is on file on the library's computer system, you may use the online catalog to send books to your campus office address. Request made for deliveries to residental or dormitory room locations will not be processed. Some materials cannot be mailed due to short loan periods.
To request materials be delivered:

In the VuFind Catalog:
• Search for the item you want delivered in the online catalog.
• Press the Request first Available Copy button located near the holdings information.
• Login to your VuFind Account.
• Chose UIUC Campus Mail as the pick-up location.
• Press Submit Request Button.
How do I locate a CD-ROM or DVD?
All CD-ROM’s and DVD’s found at Grainger are located behind the Circulation Desk. Use the online catalog to find the call number for the specific item you are looking for and ask to have it charged to your account.
How do I check out CD-ROMs or DVDs from the Grainger Engineering Library?
CD-ROMs and DVDs are located behind the Circulation Desk and can be checked out for either 4 or 16 weeks depending on patron status. Patrons need only bring an I-card to the Circulation Desk along with the call number of the media item. Off-campus lending of media materials is not permitted.
What is I-Share?
I-Share is a cooperative project of the UIUC Library and includes the resources of 76 Illinois libraries belonging to CARLI, the Consortium of Academic & Research Libraries in Illinois.
If a book isn't at UIUC, can I find and check it out from another library?
Yes. Books not owned by UIUC can often be checked out from another library in the state that is a member of the I-Share cooperative.

Using the VuFind catalog, if there are no copies available for the item you want, switch the drop down menu to the right of the search box from "Local Catalog Only" to "All I-Share Libraries." When searching "All I-Share Libraries" click the item you want, and under the "Location and Availability" tab, click "Request this item" on the copy you wish, or click the "Request 1st Available" tab. You might need to set up an account if you have not already. Choose "University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign" from the pick-up library drop down menu. Then choose where you would like to pick-up the book from the "Choose pick-up location" drop down menu; select "UIUC Engineering Desk" to pick it up at Grainger Library. Click request to submit.

If you search for a particular item in the Classic catalog and it shows that item as being checked out, missing or otherwise unavailable at the UIUC, you will be given a link reading “Find copies in other I-Share libraries.” If you click on that link you will be taken to the I-Share catalog which will automatically search for the item you are looking for, you will then be given a list of libraries in the I-Share cooperative that has the item available. If you find another library in the list that indicates the item is available, click on the "request" link at the top of the screen.

You will be prompted select your home library and to login with your last name and borrower ID. Select which available copy you wish to request and then click OK. At this point you will be able to choose your pick-up library location. When the form is complete, click "Submit Request".

See the tutorial for more detailed instructions.
If a book is checked out, can I request it through Interlibrary Loan?
Patrons must check with I-Share first. If the desired item is not available with I-Share, it can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.
Who can borrow materials through Interlibrary Loan?
Anyone affiliated with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (faculty, staff, and students) may borrow materials through Interlibrary Loan.
How long does it take to get material through Interlibrary Loan?
Requests for articles are generally filled within 10 working days, and book requests within 2-3 weeks. Some foreign or rare titles may take longer.
How do I make an Interlibrary Loan request?
To make an Interlibrary Loan request, go to the ILL webpage. Please note that only materials not available at UIUC or through I-Share may be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan. If you request materials through the form that are available on campus, you will receive a note telling you where you can find the item at UIUC.
How do you determine which journals get cancelled?
The Grainger Engineering Library determines journal cancellations through analysis and studies of journal use by patrons, publications of UIUC authors, citations of UIUC authors, etc.
If a journal is cancelled, can I still get articles from it?
Even if a journal has been cancelled, it is possible to get articles from issues not in Grainger. You may request the articles through Interlibrary Loan. You may also obtain the article by searching through one of our many electronic databases. To browse available online sources, visit the Find Online Journals & Databases webpage. To find a specific article using a citation or DOI go to the Journal and Article Locator webpage. Ask a reference librarian for more information.
Can I request that a journal be reinstated?
To request that a journal be reinstated, email Although such requests will be given full consideration, it may not be possible to fill them, given the high cost of journal subscriptions.
How do I request that a book be purchased?
To request that a book be purchased, fill out a purchase request form at the reference desk or email

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How can patrons obtain reference service?
Patrons may obtain reference service by coming to the Grainger Library during reference hours, via email at, or by phone (217-244-7826).
When is the Grainger Reference Desk open?
Fall and Spring Semesters:
Sunday through Thursday 10am-midnight
Friday and Saturday 10am-midnight

Summer Session I, Summer Session II, and breaks:
Monday through Friday 10am-6pm
Is reference assistance available over the phone? By email?
Reference assistance is available by phone at 244-7826 when the reference desk is open. You may also email your questions to
Can I get help with reference questions if the reference desk is closed?
Yes, you can complete a blue reference question form at the Circulation Desk and reference staff will review it the following business day when the reference desk is open, or contact us electronically via email at

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What are reserves?
Reserves are materials that are either the most heavily used resources in the library, or materials being used for classes. Reserve materials include class notes, text books, library books, articles, and videos. At Grainger Library, reserve materials also include laptop locks. Reserve materials are located behind the Circulation Desk on the first floor and are building use only, meaning they cannot leave the building at any time for any reason.
How do I get reserve materials?
Locate the reserve item you need by one of two ways. Search the reserves database at the Circulation Desk or use the online catalog by selecting Course Reserves. Once you have obtained either a call number or class number, proceed to the Circulation Desk on the first floor with your I-card and ask a library staff member to retrieve the necessary material.

To obtain a laptop lock simply ask at the Circulation Desk if one is available.
Are there fines for not returning reserve materials on time?
Fines for not returning reserve materials on time are $5 for every hour the reserve item is not returned. The strict fine policy is in place because of the extremely high demand for reserve materials.
Can I check reserve materials out overnight?
Reserve items cannot leave the building. There is no overnight circulation on weekends. As Grainger Library is open 24 hours during the week, it is not necessary to have items circulate overnight.
As a faculty or staff member, how do I put an item on reserve?
Please use the reserves request form to request an item to be put on reserve. A link is also available on the Grainger Library homepage near the top listed as "Reserves Requests". Please submit all requests AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with all the relevant information, including a syllabus if available. Requests for new editions and for titles we do not yet own may take up to 18 WEEKS. Reserve requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. You may also place departmental or personally owned items on reserve if you bring it to Grainger Library and fill out a reserve request form.

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Are there group study rooms available at Grainger Engineering Library?
There are three types of group study rooms available at Grainger.
1. Open Group Study Rooms 405-415 located on the west side of the 4th floor and Innovator Design Rooms 040C and 040D located on the west side of the Lower Level are available to reserve on a first-come, first-served basis up to 14 days in advance. These rooms may be reserved by any UIUC student, faculty, or staff using their NetID and Password. Visit this webpage for more information on reserving an Open Group Study Room.
2. CARE Group Study Rooms 401-404 located on the west side of the 4th floor may be reserved by UIUC faculty, staff and students affiliated with the College of Engineering only. Each of these rooms features a 55-inch monitor that students may connect to their laptop using a VGA cable. Requests for these rooms must be made a minimum of 48 hours (Monday-Friday) in advance. For more information on requesting a CARE Group Study Room, visit the room reservation webpage.
3. Rooms 040A and 040B are located in the Lower Level and are part of the Grainger Engineering Library Informatics, Design and Data Visualization Center. These rooms are reserved for groups working on design, innovation and incubator projects. Each room includes tables, chairs, a whiteboard and has seating for 4 but can accommodate up to 8 or more with additional furniture. If you need additional furniture, you should include that in your reservation request. Requests for these rooms must be made a minimum of 48 hours (Monday-Friday) in advance. For more information on requesting an Innovator Design Room, visit the room reservation webpage.
Who may request meeting/group study rooms at Grainger Engineering Library?
• Open Group Study Rooms may be reserved by any UIUC students, faculty, and staff. For more information, click here.
• CARE Group Study Rooms may be reserved a minimum of 48 hours (Monday-Friday) in advance by UIUC faculty, staff and students affiliated with the College of Engineering only.
• Conference Rooms may be reserved a minimum of 48 hours (Monday-Friday) in advance by groups affiliated with the UIUC College of Engineering, Technology Services, or University Library.
• Innovator Design Rooms maybe be reserved a minimum of 48 hours (Monday-Friday) for groups working on design, innovation, and incubator projects.

Please do not call Grainger Library to request a meeting/group study room. Only requests submitted through the forms available on the reservation page will be considered.

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What computer labs are available at Grainger Engineering Library?
Four public computer terminals are available in the first floor printing area. They provide access to information resources, including the online catalog, article databases, and the Web.
In addition, there is a cluster of public computers at the east end of the first floor that require an Active Directory Password for access. These computers provide access to the web, email, and several other software packages including Microsoft Office.

Finally, Engineering Workstation Labs are located in the center and east end of the Fourth Floor for use by Engineering students.
What is an Engineering Workstation?
Engineering Workstations are computers supported by the College of Engineering and accessible to all engineering students. There are several locations throughout campus, including the center and east end of the fourth floor of Grainger. EWS is available to Engineering students with an EWS account. Hours of operation are the same as the Grainger library. Each workstation is a stand-alone computer with its own disk drive, memory and CPU, as well as file and resource sharing capabilities. For more information on EWS resources and policies, visit their website.
What happened to the EWS lab that had Linux computers in the Lower Level?
Room 057 is now a College of Engineering Computer-based Testing Facility that is operated by Engineering IT, meaning it is no longer an EWS lab.

If you are in need of a Linux computer, half of the fourth floor center computers are Linux. Each computer has a sign next to it with the Operating System on it to help you identify which one is which. There is also a Linux lab in the Digital Computer Lab (Room L440), and other EWS labs are around campus.
Can I use an Engineering Workstation computer if I am not an engineering student?
Access to Engineering Workstation computers is limited to engineering students and to non-engineering students taking courses in the College of Engineering.
Where can I get help with the Engineering Workstations (EWS)?
You can reach the Engineering IT Help Desk at or 217-333-1313.
Who do I talk to about hardware/software problems?
Report any hardware or software problems on Grainger computers to a reference librarian or to a staff member at the Circulation Desk. They may not be able to fix the problem, but they will be able to find someone who can.

Problems with an Engineering Workstation computer should be addressed to the EWS Engineering IT.
Can I install software on machines at Grainger Engineering Library?
No, users do not have administrative rights to install any software on any computer in the building.
How do I save an electronic file while using a computer at Grainger Engineering Library?
Patrons using the computers in the library can save files by using a USB flash drive which can be attached to any computer in the building.

Grainger is not responsible for lost documents saved to library equipment.

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What printers are available at Grainger Engineering Library?
The first floor computer clusters are linked to four black and white printers and two color printers. The fourth floor EWS has four printers - two black and white and two color.
How do I print at Grainger Engineering Library?
To print:

• Select the print icon and follow through each of the three pop-up windows.
• POP-UP #1: When the print box pops up, select "Library B&W" or "Library Color" and click print.
• POP-UP #2: Enter your NetID and password when prompted and click OK.
• POP-UP #3: In the Print Job Notification pop-up, review the details of your print job. Make sure you selected a Grainger printer, verify the amount of pages and the cost (10 cents per side for black and white or 30 cents per side for color) and click Print to send your print job to the Print Release Stations.
• Login with your NetID and password to the Print Release Stations, located near the Grainger Printers on the west end of the circulation desk.
• After you login, click "Print" next to the print jobs you wish to release. Your released print jobs should print out instantly but during high use times, it may take several minutes to print. Click Done on the Print Release Station when you have released all of your print jobs.

Engineering students who wish to use their free printing quota, must print from an Engineering Workstation computer. All EWS computers at Grainger can be found in the center and east end of the fourth floor. All EWS print jobs print out from printers found in the EWS lab on the fourth floor.
I am an engineering student, how do I redeem my free printing?
Free printing for engineering students is only available when printing at an EWS lab. Grainger has two of these labs on center and east end of the 4th floor.
What are the free printing quotas for engineering students?
Freshman and sophomores receive 300 pages ($24). Juniors receive 400 pages ($32). Seniors and graduate sutdents receive 500 pages ($40). Engineering students can check their printing balance at their My.ENGR account page.
How much does printing cost?
The cost of printing is 10 cents per page for black and white and 30 cents per page for color. If you are doing duplex printing (double-sided), you will be charged 10 cents per side of a page for black and white and 30 cents per side for color.
I chose to pay cash for my printing, where do I pay?
Grainger does not accept cash, your print job was sent to the Undergraduate Library. It will not print until you pay in person at the Undergrad. In order to print at Grainger you must charge your printing to your student account.
I logged into a Print Release Station but there were no print jobs listed for me to release, what do I do now?
Most of the time, the reason your print job is not listed in the Print Release Station is because you did not go through all three of the pop ups OR you are at the wrong Print Release Station. Make sure you are at a B&W Release Station if you printed to the Library B&W printer or a Color Release Station if you printed job to Library Color printer. If you selected the “pay cash” option you must pick up your print job at the Undergraduate Library.
I was charged for a print job but it printed out incorrectly due to a printer error, what do I do now?
If you were charged but your print job printed out incorrectly due to a printer error, you can request a refund.

For instructions to request a refund visit the PaperCut refunds webpage.
How do I print wirelessly from my laptop?
• Log into IllinoisNet wireless Network
• Go to the wireless printing webpage and log in with your netid.
• Click on Web Print
• Select a printer, upload your file, and then submit! Go to any library print release station to print your file.

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Are there scanners available at Grainger Engineering Library?
There are six scanners located near the first floor computer cluster. Also, for engineering students, there is one scanner available at the fourth floor EWS.

If a photocopy is desired, the best option would be to use one of these scanners to scan a copy of the document and print it.
Are there fax services available at Grainger Engineering Library?
The Grainger Engineering Library does not have a fax machine. The closest fax machines are:

• Document Services at 54 East Gregory Drive ($5 minimum, covers 3 pages)
• Fedex at 524 E Green St. 101
• Illini Union Hotel at the front desk ($2 for first page, $1 for each extra page)

For online fax services, see the online fax resources webpage.
Can I check out a laptop, headset/headphones, digital camera, or etc. at Grainger Engineering Library?
No, at this time Grainger Engineering Library does not offer this service. However, the Undergraduate Library does loan certain equipment. Please see the Media Commons at the UGL webpage for more information.
Is there a microform reader available?
There is a microform reader/printer available at Grainger. Please ask the reference staff for assistance. Also, the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library (246 Main Library) has fiche scanners, which allow you to convert fiche docments to PDF files.

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How can I access the Internet at Grainger Engineering Library?
To access the Internet at Grainger, faculty, students and staff may use any available computer in the computer cluster found on the east end of the first floor or any of the public terminals on the first floor.

Engineering students may also access the Internet from any Engineering Workstation computer found in the center and east end of the fourth floor.

Patrons may also connect to the Internet from a laptop to one of our wireless networks. Wireless access is available from every floor of Grainger Library. Patrons affiliated with UIUC should use the IllinoisNet wireless network. For guests and visitors, IllinoisNet is also available but through a different process. The guide can be found here.

For help and troubleshooting access to wireless Internet, please visit the Technology Services Wireless webpage.
How can I connect my mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) to the internet?
IllinoisNet exists on campus for UIUC students, staff, and faculty.

IllinoisNet is a full-featured wireless network that stores your credentials and signs in for you. Go to the Technology Services webpage to setup your connection.

Visitors to the university can visit the Technology Services webpage to learn how to connect to IllinoisNet.

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Where can I use my cell phone?
The Library is committed to maintaining an environment conducive to teaching, learning, research and study. Recognizing that cell phones and other mobile devices are an important part of the learning environment, and an official means of emergency communication between the University and its faculty, staff, and students.

Cell phones should be used in a courteous manner and away from others who are studying. Please limit usage to the cell phone designated areas: North Atrium, Lower Level Stairwells, and 4th Floor West area. Please place cell phones in the silent mode while in the library.
Can I have people paged over the intercom?
Grainger staff will page patrons only in case of emergency. Absolutely no paging is permitted when events are taking place in the building. Inquire at the Circulation Desk for more information.

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What is CARE? Or where are the tutors?
CARE, the Center for Academic Resources in Engineering, is located on the fourth floor of Grainger Library where students may find tutoring, advising and other services. To find out more about CARE visit their website or facebook page. You may contact CARE by email.

From the CARE website:
The Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE) creates a dynamic learning community where services, resources, and expertise converge to support engineering students as they work to realize their academic and professional aspirations.
At CARE, students find an engaging commons area designed to encourage interaction and collaboration. Scheduled and on-demand tutoring, study groups, teaching assistants, and a variety of resources are available to help students excel. The center is state-of-the-art, with flexibility to accommodate changing needs of engineering students.
Located on the entire fourth floor of the Grainger Engineering Library, CARE offers a variety of designated areas for group study, individual study, tutoring, computer workstations, course study halls, and workshops. Rooms can be reserved for study groups, tutoring, practicing presentations, workshops, videoconferencing, and other activities.
What is the Writers Workshop?
The Writers Workshop, part of the Center for Writing Studies, is the writing center at Illinois. They provide free writing assistance for University of Illinois students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines and at all stages of the writing process. Discuss your writing with consultants who are experienced writers and teachers of writing. At Grainger, the Writers Workshop is in Room 402. Click here to schedule an appointment.
What is the IDEA Lab?
The IDEA (Innovation, Discovery, DEsign & DAta) Laboratory is a demonstration and prototype site for exploring design learning, informatics, visualization, and data analytics. In the IDEA Lab, there is an emphasis on visualization activities, working with early adaptor faculty/student groups on collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

For more information, visit the IDEA Lab page.
How do I get into the IDEA Lab?
Currently, acccess to the IDEA Lab is only granted to individuals and groups working on innovation projects. If you feel like you fit that criteria, please fill out the request form on the IDEA Lab Request form.

If you have any questions about the IDEA Lab or the request process, please email the IDEA Lab at
Who was William Wallace Grainger?
William Wallace Grainger was a 1919 graduate of the UIUC College of Engineering and the founder of Grainger in Skokie, Illinois. He served as President and CEO of the company for 40 years until his retirement in 1968, and then on the Board of Directors until his death in 1982. William Wallace Grainger began contributing to his alma mater in 1966. He established the Grainger Foundation in 1979.
Who created the sculpture, located at the south entrance to the building that depicts a man reading a book?
The sculpture "Computing a Future" was created by J. Seward Johnson. The idea for the sculpture came from David Grainger, who was familiar with Johnson's work. Mr. Grainger also provided the financial support for acquiring the sculpture. The book, which gives the sculpture its name, is titled "Computing the Future: A Broader Agenda for Computer Science and Engineering."

The sculpture is affectionately known as "Grainger Bob" around campus.
Who designed the Grainger Engineering Library?
The Grainger Engineering Library architect was Evans Woollen. Mr. Woollen was contracted from Indianapolis to design the Grainger Engineering Library as a state-of-the-art facility that is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. The yellow staircases in Grainger are a signature mark of Mr. Woollen that appear in all his buildings.
How do I contact the Grainger Corporation?
Grainger can be contacted through their Web site.
What are the different Graingers at UIUC?
There is:
• Grainger Center for Electric Machinery and Electromechanics
• Grainger conference room in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building
• Grainger conference room in the Engineering Hall
• Grainger Engineering Library
• Grainger at Research Park