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datestamp: 2013-03-08T18:30:33Z
setSpec: publication:healthfac
setSpec: publication:colauth2013
title: Exercise Training-Induced Adaptations Associated with Increases in Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Content
creator: Manabe, Yasuko
creator: Gollisch, Katja S. C.
creator: Holton, Laura
creator: Kim, Young-Bum
creator: Brandauer, Josef
creator: Fuji, Nobuharu L.
creator: Hirshman, Michael F.
creator: Goodyear, Laurie J.
type: Article
date.created: 2013-01-01T08:00:00Z
subject: exercise
subject: glycogen synthase
subject: glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3)
subject: skeletal muscle
subject: Exercise Science
subject: Other Medicine and Health Sciences
description.abstract: <p>Findings from this study suggest that exercise training-induced increases in muscle glycogen content could be regulated by multiple mechanisms including enhanced insulin sensitivity, glycogen synthase expression, allosteric activation of glycogen synthase and protein phosphatase 1 activity.</p>
source: The FEBS Journal
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